My ill-fated podcast app I was building as a side project. I designed and built the entire app, got to the beta testing phase, but never shipped due to other commitments. The app still lives, and just might be resurrected (in some form) one day.

Simplenote Relaunch

I’ve been lucky enough to help with the relaunch of Simplenote across iOS, OS X, Android, and the web. I led iOS development as well as contributed to the design across all apps.


I really wanted to learn iOS development, so I dove in head first and decided to make a blogging app for iPad. What followed was 3-4 months of head banging, hair pulling, pure awesomeness. I designed the entire interface, wrote all the code, and created every single pixel you see on the screen. This definitely wasn’t the typical “first” project I normally take on when learning something new. Poster was acquired by Automattic in June 2013 and is no longer available for purchase.


VIVACE is a marine renewable energy device that I contributed to while at university.

Vector Daily

This started as just a fun little personal project for myself. I’ve always been really interested in graphic design — and more recently vector art — so I thought I’d take a crack myself at it. The best way to learn something is to just do it; thus, every day I made a new piece and posted it to the site. Some of them turned out great, others weren’t so fortunate. But nevertheless I learned a huge amount and loved doing it.